Mount Stuart has a clear vision to continually improve and be constantly working towards developing “A Collaborative Community of Passionate Learners.” This vision was developed with the whole school community and forms the basis for our thinking and planning about improving student learning outcomes while showing care and consideration for them as part of a family and community.

Mount Stuart Primary School has 5 values that form the foundation for the actions and expectations of our whole school community. Our community is expected to be Resilient, Courageous, Creative, Safe and Respectful in all aspects of school life.

The values and vision are highly visible around our school and in the actions of the students and their teachers.

The Zones of Regulation are our school wide approach to student self regulation and awareness of their emotional state and strategies to manage their behaviour and attitude. Classrooms have age and developmentally appropriate visuals and strategies to support each student in each class. More information can be found on our “wellbeing policy” that will be published later in 2018.