Specialist Support Staff at Mount Stuart

In Tasmanian Government schools there are additional professional staff allocated to support the emotional wellbeing and educational development of all students.

Student support staff at Mount Stuart include a school psychologist, a speech and language pathologist, a support teacher and a social worker. These staff can work with you and your child to resolve problems and refer you to other professional help when required. We also have access to Autism Consultants, support for Vision Impaired students, Deaf and Hearing Impaired students, Physically Impaired students and Safe Homes, Safe Families team.

School Psychologists: are registered psychologists who work across schools. They work with students, staff and parents to achieve the best outcomes for students’ educational achievement and personal wellbeing through assessments, counselling and case management. They offer support for concerns such as underachievement, poor social coping skills, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, and trauma impact.

If you would like your child to see our school psychologist, you should speak first to your child’s teacher.

Speech and Language Pathologists: Speech and language pathologists are qualified and skilled in assessing, diagnosing and managing speech, language and feeding disorders and difficulties. They work with students ,parents, teachers and support staff to help students overcome developmental delays or disorders, which affect their ability to communicate. If you would like your child to see our speech and language pathologist, speak first with your child’s teacher.

Social Worker: Social workers focus on issues including mental health difficulties, stress management, attendance issues, grief counselling and conflict resolution. They also provide assistance for families/students at risk of harm (from self or others) such as suicide, self-harm, child protection issues or risk of homelessness.

Social work services can be accessed directly by families or students by asking for contact details from the Principal or through a school based referral.

Support Teachers: Support Teachers are teachers with special skills who support classroom teachers to improve outcomes for students with disability or additional support needs. Support teachers are allocated to schools to:

*help optimize the educational opportunities, engagement and learning outcomes for students with the highest educational needs,

*enhance collaboration with other professional support staff to ensure expertise from a range of services is provided

*ensure learners have access to a relevant curriculum and effective instruction within a positive learning environment.