Move Well Eat Well promotes a healthier Tasmania in which children can enjoy healthy eating and physical activity every day. It contributes to a healthy lifestyle and to the prevention of a range of chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, some cancers and dental decay.
Mount Stuart Primary is a Move Well Eat Well school. A few examples of how we encourage a healthy school population is through the Daily Fitness program, daily morning fruit break, dedicated P.E and health lessons, and promoting healthy living via our newsletter.
A range of foods should be included in child’s diets; examples of food that could be included in lunchboxes are:
Food Groups:
• Fruit smoothie
• Stewed Fruit
• Fresh Fruit
• Fruit Kebabs
• Canned Fruit (in natural juice)
• Sushi
• Cereal
• Raisin Toast
• Scone
• Rice cakes
• Corn cobs
• Vegetables sticks and dips
• Vegetables on crackers
• Vegetable muffin
• Vegetable soup
• Cheese and crackers
• Toasted cheese sandwich
• Milk
• Custard
• Yoghurt