Enrichment @ Mount Stuart Primary
Mount Stuart Primary is committed to all students achieving their potential and aims to provide a wide range of experiences that extend and enrich their learning through Enrichment @ Mount Stuart Primary programs from Prep to Grade 6. Programs directly links to the school’s vision statement: A Collaborative Community of Passionate Learners ensuring both students and staff engage in learning and experiences that they are passionate about.


Launching into Learning provides quality learning environments to promote learning through play, and works with families to support their child’s early learning prior to Kindergarten. The Mount Stuart Primary School LiL Program will run weekly on Wednesday, Music – ‘Seedlings’ 9.00am – 10.00am and Friday mornings ‘Little Thistles’ from 9.00am to 10.30am from early in Term 1 until the end of Term 3 for those not in Pre Kinder. Starting dates will be advertised in the School Newsletter.
Pre Kinder sessions will be held weekly for 7 sessions will be held in Term 4 in November and information will be sent to the new students.

 Loose Parts Play

This program aims to foster prep students’ creativity, innovation and inquiry using natural and synthetic loose parts. A range of loose parts materials found, bought or upcycled are provided for the students to manipulate, construct, alter or inspire imagination and creativity. Loose Parts Play also promotes positive social interaction, inventiveness, role play and investigation. An Outdoor Classroom Day is also organised annually and is based on the same concept in providing a range of new and varied materials students can engage with.

 Create A Spark

The Create a Spark program provides students in Grades 1 and 2 the opportunity to further explore areas of learning they are passionate about or to try something new altogether. It builds on our community commitment by matching enthusiastic students with teacher they may not necessarily get a chance to work with otherwise. By ‘creating a spark’ within our students we endeavour to encourage them to think, question, explore and extend their knowledge and thereby pique their passion for learning. Each term we offer two or three extension programs which run for 6 week blocks of time. We aim to provide a variety of experiences to allow all students the chance to participate and extend their knowledge, thinking and social skills. Some of the programs have included the Art from Trash, the National History Challenge, Maths Mysteries, cooking, drama, Auslan (sign language) and Coding (ICT).

 All Hands on Deck

All Hands on Deck consists of three 45 minute sessions a week and involves all of Mount Stuart Primary’s Grade 1/2 students. The aim of All Hands on Deck is to provide strong foundation skills in Literacy and Numeracy to allow our students greater success on their journey as life-long learners.
In these sessions students are divided into small teaching and learning groups under the guidance of a teacher or teacher assistant. Our school has committed to providing as many staff as possible to these sessions to allow students a more focused, targeted delivery of learning specific to their individual needs, hence the name ‘All Hands on Deck’. Planning for learning in these sessions involves all teachers on the Grade 1/2 team and demonstrates our commitment to the learning of all students in our 1/2 space. Within this framework we are able to provide support and extension as required to individual students.
In Term 1 All Hands on Deck has focused on developing decoding and comprehension skills to allow our students to become more confident and successful readers. Our students are divided into twelve reading groups with each group focusing on aspects of reading most relevant to their development level.
As the year progresses All Hands on Deck will extend to look at developing writing and mathematical skills in our students.

 Let’s Illuminate

This visual arts enrichment program is dedicated to students in Grades 3 and 4. Students are divided into smaller groups across both grades and spend an afternoon a week in a 3 week rotation, completing specific visual arts challenges. This program makes clear connections to The Australian curriculum which aims to focus students’ exploration of how individuals express ways of seeing and imagining their world and experimenting with different media and techniques to develop intended effects. Areas of focus have included sewing, perspective drawing, papier-mâché, cross-stitching, sewing, collage and graphite drawing.

 Get Active

The Get Active program is provided for Grade 5 students to engage in physical activity and supports them to improve their wellbeing. Specific programs are organised outside regular Physical Education learning and aims to develop new knowledge and skills highlighted in a variety of activities. Focus skill development has include golf, basketball, volleyball and gymnastics. Many of the programs involve the participation of outside organisations with specialised coaches and players sharing their knowledge and skills with the students. Some programs may include excursions and participation in the activities at aligned sporting venues.

 Project Ignite
Project Ignite aims to complement core curriculum subjects currently undertaken at school. The objectives of the project are to provide a diverse, extension and enrichment learning programs for Grade 6 students. Project Ignite aims to provide positive educational changes to the students, increasing their community involvement and their participation in the social and political life of the school and wider community. Implementation across all year levels would be a long term goal of the school.
• Connect with students’ skills, talents and interests
• Provide students with opportunities to extend themselves, overcome challenges and demonstrate commitment.
• Develop higher order thinking skills, problem solving, creative and collaborative abilities.
• Provide opportunities that engage students in a process of self-reflection.
• Allow students to lead and present their culminating performance to the school community.
• Provide teaching staff and teacher assistants with opportunities to develop their own passions and skills thus creating rich learning experiences for each student.
Programs have included, debating, Geography Extension, fabric design, photography, woodworking, drama, visual arts, ceramics, National History Challenge, Spheros and coding.

Create Exhibition
Create is our annual celebration of the Arts and our value of being Creative. IT brings together artwork, creations, thinking, interactive exhibitions and our community to view work from every student from Kinder to Grade 6. Each and every class work to produce work that showcases their individual skills and artistic expression through common themes. The most recent events have been inspired by the themes of “Whimsical” and “Treasure”.