Welcome to Mount Stuart Primary School

A school that prides itself on everyone being safe, resilient, creative, courageous and respectful learners.

Mount Stuart Primary is a community school that offers a rich and diverse curriculum to approximately 370 students across 16 classes from Kindergarten to Grade 6. We overlook the Derwent River and we are a vibrant learning organisation whose values of being a Safe, Respectful, Resilient, Courageous and Creative learner are paramount to developing intelligent, compassionate and independent young people.

Mount Stuart offers a range of activities across Kinder to Grade 6 areas of education including gardening, school camps, art, music, IT, Health, PE and student led daily fitness and also opportunities for engaged student learning.

Mount Stuart Primary staff are dedicated and focused on achieving the best outcomes for each and every child.

We aim to be a centre of educational excellence set in a community which is fully involved in working together with the parents to create a climate where learning is valued, children are safe and secure and where the partnership between school and parents continues to be productive and mutually supportive.
We are a proud school, who strive to give all students the opportunity to achieve to their potential.

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